We need to elect the candidate who can stand up for immigrants and low income families!!!

KRC in Action would like to inform you good candidates and Propositions.

First of all, please meet George Gascon who is running for LA County District Attorney.

Asian Americans Stand With George Gascon for Los Angeles District Attorney

George Gascon was born in Cuba and immigrated to the U.S. when he was 13 yr. old. George was raised in Los Angeles in an immigrant family. George served LAPD for 28-year, and became a chief of police for the City of Mesa, AZ and San Francisco, CA. George also served the District Attorney for San Francisco.

When George was a chief of Police at Mesa, he stood up against notorious anti-immigrant Joe Arpraio, Maricopa County Sheriff in Arizona. George even requested advance notice if Arpaio would be conducting raids in Mesa.

Seeing the fear in immigrant communities, George grew to believe that we must limit the scope of local police collaborating with ICE. George soon opposed the 287 (g), a federal enforcement program collaborating between local police and ICE to deport immigrants.

George created the Make it Right program that cuts recidivism by youth offenders by half, and he also created the Young Adult Court, which focuses on rehabilitation of young adults, so we put youth on the right path, and not continue the cycle of mass incarceration.


Proposition (State Ballot Measures)

Our community needs Proposition 15, 16, 17, 18 and 21.

Please see LA Times’ Endorsement

A3PCON Voter Guide 


[Yes] Prop. 15

[Yes] Prop. 16

[Yes] Prop. 17

[Yes] Prop. 18

[Yes] Prop. 21


2020 Voter Guide

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